The ultimate in poor taste…

You might have this photo posted quite a bit lately with smart arse comments on it like “my car overheated because of climate change”

So who is this woman, and what’s the real story.

This is an American woman called Jillian Soto, taken in 2012. What’s she so upset about? A hint – it’s not her car overheating.

Her sister, Victoria Soto was a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook school. She used her body as a human shield when a shooter entered the classroom, 6 kids escaped but 4 students and Soto were murdered.

This photo was taken when Jillian learned her sister had died.

If it’s not enough that a sister and daughter was murdered, her parents actually had to trademark Victoria’s name – this was the only way to get Twitter to take down posts by conspiracy nutters about the shooting.

If you still think the original meme was funny and don’t give a fuck about the back story – perhaps log off for a while and have a good hard think about your life.

For All Mankind

Imagine if the Russians had beaten the Americans to land on the Moon.

Imagine if the Space Race never ended.

For All Mankind is one of the lead new shows on Apple TV+ and explores this idea. It starts in June 1969 with the Russians landing a cosmonaut first on the Moon, and then proceeds with how things might have player out from there. The pilot episode was great, captured the period well and has a bit of a “Mad Men” feel to it. The ending had me on the edge of my seat and guessing how far they would change the timeline.

It blends historic figures with new characters and they’ve done their homework. Episode 3 will see the Mercury 13 getting the attention they deserve. Can’t wait!

Luna Display for Mac

If you’ve listened to any tech podcast you’re probably familiar with Luna Display, the little hardware dongle that will turn your iPad in to a secondary display for a Mac.

macOS Catalina has effectively Sherlocked Luna Display with the new Sidecar functionally that does this without the need to add a hardware dongle. Looking to stay one step ahead, Luna Display now supports using another Mac as a secondary display.

First impressions are good – plug in the dongle on the main Mac and install client apps on both computers. It connected over WiFi with no configuration needed and “just works”. Its not perfect, it drops signal occasionally and reconnects, the refresh is a little slow and rapidly scrolling a web page causes some pixellation in Safari. But it does the job well overall and easier than getting a second display for the MacBookPro – no cables needed.

It’ll probably be a feature in MacOS 10.16…

Blade Runner

2015 was the year of Back to the Future, and 2019 – specifically November is Blade Runner. Interesting take on what they got right on the ABC website. EVERYBODY gets the flying cars wrong.

Note to self – set my dystopian sci-fi novel far enough in the future so future readers can’t pick it apart.