Green Day

Saw Green Day on a whim with Adam and Jackie. Great night. Was interesting to see the age range. It went from blokes older than me to teenage kids on the floor.

And the guy who wore a Spiderman costume on the off chance he’d be pulled up on stage? You’re a dead set legend


Homeward Bound

Homeward bound
Long day today, trip to Melbourne for a work meeting and back the same day. Not helped by having a cold and feeling sick. Snapped this shot while coming in to Sydney of the Royal National Park, a favourite hike of mine. Will have to do this hike again some time soon.

Lieutenant Dan


Schrödinger had a run in with a car last week 🙁

He came home on Friday evening limping on one leg – a late night trip to the emergency vet revealed it was probably a broken leg, not good for a cat. We were left with a few choices, $5000 for surgery or $1500 for amputation. A hard choice to make, we certainly won’t going to have him put to sleep but we needed to chose. After speaking to vets and the RSPCA we went with amputation, there were no guarantees with surgery despite being expensive and cats quickly adapt.

In the end it looks like we made the right choice, the vet said the break was quite bad a would have been tricky to pin. He’s home now and getting around on 3 legs, feeling a bit sorry for himself. He’s strictly an indoor cat now, once his fur grows back he should look a lot better. Happy to have him home now.

Can’t say enough good stuff about the local vets, been going to them for years and they really looked after him.