100 Things – What’s on your List?

Everyone has something that they want to do in life. Some people even have a list. Just like them, I had things I wanted to do in life although I’d never sat down and written them all down. Some of them I was lucky enough to achieve quite early in life. Others, I’d never really planned out how I was going to achieve them.

Some people called it the ‘bucket list’, that is – things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman even made a movie about it, but I think the term ‘bucket list’ has connotations of unfulfilled dreams, regrets and the idea that with a short period to live, you suddenly decide to ‘live life to the fullest’.

Mine is simply a list of the top 100 things that I want to do, actually I don’t even have 100 yet but what the hell – no time like the present to start. I had considered leaving off the stuff I’d accomplished so far, but they’re wins and you should celebrate them. I plan to write about the things I’ve already done as well as the things I intend to do.

100 Things

Part of the inspiration for writing of this came from Sebastian Terry, who in 2009 wrote of his 100 things list after losing a friend to cancer in his 20s. He’s written a book, and run a website from it, and while I’ve not had any particular loss like he has to act as a catalyst for my own list, it did give the spark for me to write of my own journey. His list did serve the basis of a few of my own goals, however most of mine are simply personal things that I’ve wanted to accomplish. Half the fun is the journey, and I hope to share them all here with you, the anonymous reader.


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