2010 – A Year in Review

Before thinking about New Years Resolutions I thought I should look back over the last year first. So what have I done this year?

On a work note, I have finally moved on to fulltime professional services consultancy at work and I’ll be working on projects with customers fulltime. No more end user support – “Where’s the ANY key?” I’ve been moving towards this for some time so its good to see it come to fruition. I had intended to start doing iPhone apps on the side, no time for this still which is a shame although I’m still plugging away at it.

On a personal note, this year I completed a number of achievements, I did my first ocean swim at Manly in February with Deanne which was a kilometre. I also did 3 runs this year, the City2Surf, the BridgeRun (10km) and the Run4Fun which was also 10km. I’m still keeping fit, going to the gym when I can and I’ve managed to keep off the weigh that I lost in 2009.

I wrote a novel this year – well a novella 😉 Its 50000 words long, about 109 pages which was the goal I set in the Nanowrimo project. The novel isn’t actually completed yet, I still have to write the finish to it and revise it etc. Hopefully I’ll get that done while I’m off in January. As to what I do with it, well I might see if people like it and then try to publish it. I could self publish or try to get a publishing deal haha that would be funny. I like the characters I came up with, I have ideas for other stories with the same characters.

I also wrote a couple of workbooks for the AAL youth group I help with. I’m pretty happy with them and I’m writing the next ones now. It keeps me busy and off the streets, and I’m sure Sydney is a much safer place for that.

I have also started to declutter my life, I realise I have too much shit that I’ll never use so I’ve been selling, giving away, discarding. Half the stuff I don’t need and I don’t know why I bought it, it would be nice to be live simpler.

I also managed to complete 2 hiking trips this year. After the last hike I did I found I was so unfit I thought I was going to die – I was getting too old for this shit. Turns out I was just unfit. I did a shorter hike through Heathcote National Park and also did the Coastal Track again this year, both were really good and I look forward to doing more.

What else did I achieve? Well I have caught up with a lot of old school friends, some who I haven’t seen since 1986! Ah Facebook – where would we be without it? Its been great to catch up with them, see how our lives have turned out.

What didn’t I get done this year?

I want to hike Kokoda – still hasn’t happened. Add to that the Overland Trek through Tasmania, sailing on the HMB Endeavour and other adventures that I want to take. Overseas travel – so hard with a family. It was cost $10000 just to get us all to Europe 🙁 Maybe in 2011…

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