Day 2 – continued…

After lunch we had a lecture from Captain Ross, he explained to us about the design of the Endeavour – basically she was a flat bottomed boat designed for hauling coal around the UK. It was built in Whitby as the Earl of Pembroke and they would sail these ships up the rivers and settle on the bottom at low tide to be unloaded. A number including the Endeavour and the Bounty were purchased by the Royal Navy and fitted out as ships of exploration. During this fit out detailed plans were made which survived until modern day, and these plans were the basis of the design of the replica Endeavour. There are a few bits that are incorrect, for example they now think the mizzen mast was too short however for the main part it’s pretty accurate.

He also explained to us how we sail with the wind, the Endeavour is a lot less flexible than modern ships and can only sail with the wind about 80deg to beam. This explains why there are so many wrecks of the east coast of Australia. Even today it’s a bit hairy at times, and apparently we did good today to sail off the pick (anchor) with a leeward wind.

After those lectures we had some free time so I used the opportunity to update my diary and also uploaded a few photos onto Facebook to share. We have mobile coverage at times including Internet so it’s let me share my journeys with friends online which has been cool.

1600 was arvo tea which was cake and custard – nice. After that we had a bit more free time, then it was basically put up our hammocks at 1705 and then called for dinner. Not used to dinner so early but we had the 1800-2000 watch. Dinner was sausages, mash and veggies with Enlish trifle for desert and then after that we were on watch.

Tonight it was full watch under sail so we took turns on the various positions. Stern watch is as it sounds, looking out back for boats overtaking. Forward watch is the opposite, looking out for stuff in front – boats, lighthouses that would indicate land etc. We also did the safety rounds where we check off all the stuff like heading, weather including wind speed and direction and sea surface. Down below we check the ship out, checking the engine room,  bilge, fridge and freezer. Lots of responsibilities on us!

Unfortunately I missed the moon rise tonight, Sam said it was spectacular from the stern watch although I did get a few photos of it low over the water. Other than that it was a pretty uneventful watch, Deanne called so Adam could say hello and I uploaded a few more pics during the watch.

Right now I’m sitting in the galley typing up the diary or the days events. There are a few shipmates down here trying to read a bit, although really we should be getting some shuteye as we are up early again at 0400. I’ll get to see the sunrise so I’m pretty excited about that. That’ll be all for now, bed beckons.

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