Blackmore Half Marathon

Blackmores Half Marathon 2011

Blackmores Half Marathon 2011

Today I did my second half marathon.

How did I do? I beat my last time by about 4 minutes, but I just missed out on beating 2 hours. I was a bit annoyed about that – 2hrs 32 secs but then I reasoned its an improvement on last time, and I can continue to improve.

One thing I did notice this time is that at about the 19km mark I hit the wall. This was a first so I must be pushing myself harder. I had nothing left and I walked about 100m before running again. If I hadn’t done this I would have beaten the 2hr barrier 🙁 I thought I was further behind than I was and assumed I was well over two hours. That’ll teach me.

The next one will be the SMH Half Marathon next year. I’m not going to do the run before the Cole Classic – it was too damn hot then.


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