So I’ve started flying again.

According to my log book, the last time that I flew was in 2004. Sometimes life gets in the way, but now I’m in a situation where I can look at flying again. I did have a Private Pilot License and 150 hours of flying however after so long away it’s like learning to walk again! Fortunately it’s all coming back quickly though.

I’m flying with the Air League’s Air Activities Centre in a PA28-151 Warrior, certainly a change from the Robin or a Tobago but a good solid aircraft. After some aerial work in the training area and a few sessions of circuits I’m right for practice forced landings and then a flight review I hope.

After that, who knows? Bit old to be chasing a career as a pilot – I earn more in IT than I could seriously consider in aviation at the moment. But I think to aim towards a Commercial Pilot License as a goal would be good, then perhaps look at doing the charter and Air Experience flights with the Air League or perhaps an instructor rating as a part time thing?

We’ll see.

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