“Number two, follow the Albatros on final”

Today I did my flight review – now legal to exercise the rights of my Private Pilot License anywhere in Australia.

The forecast weather today was very average – winds at Camden forecast to be 250deg at 20 knots gusting to 30, getting worse during the day with moderate to severe turbulence below 5000’.

Departed Camden pretty early, before it picked up and headed south towards Mittagong. Climbed to get us up above the turbulence where it was much smoother, however we were flying into a 50knot headwind! Good thing we weren’t really planning to go to Goulburn, would have been a slow old trip.

Practiced some diversions, stalling and steep turns, also did some instrument time under the hood – pretty difficult once we started to descend again. Back to Camden for some circuits, the first one was pretty rough so we made the next one a flapless landing and the higher approach speed made it a little smoother. Final circuit saw me in the circuit with the Albatros jet – no chance of catching up to him 🙂

So now I’m current again and eager to log a few more hours – looking to do some scenic flights over Sydney. Any takers? 🙂

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