City Lights of Australia

Recently I was playing with Apple Maps on my iMac and I notice that it showed the night lights of Australia. I thought it pretty cool but upon looking closer I noticed many “city lights” in the desert of the western half of Australia. My first thought was “someone at Apple has added random city lights – lame”. There’s NO cities there.


Then upon investigation I discovered NASA’s Earth Observatory had actually captured bush fires at night in 2012. Someone at Apple thought that was cool enough to use on Apple Maps. Awesome



2 thoughts on “City Lights of Australia

  1. Hi brian
    My name is Murry Richardson and I too have had the pleasure of sailed on Hmb Endeavour
    Foremast watch, whilst onboard our supernumeric Rodger told me about your sods opera piece.
    I kindly request a copy of your endeavour lyrics to the “Sloop John B” and chart of your voyage.
    Attached is my entry in sods opera plus a chart of my voyage by Elise
    Murry Richardson
    Please Email:

    A Crab Poem
    A crab I am told will not bite
    nor poison you just for spite
    but what lie in wait beneath a stone
    until one morning out alone
    you did poked your finger like a fool
    into a innocent looking pool
    will grab your hand and drag you off across the sand
    down to the bottom of the sea and to eat you all dressed up for Sunday tea
    a crab I am told is a bundle of fun and with claws like that pull the other one

    Resited by Roger McGough
    Off Steven Frys QI program

  2. Hi Murray

    Thanks for your message on the HMB Endeavour, I’m a little surprised Rodger remembers our piece all these years on!

    I’ve had a look around but I’m afraid I can’t find a copy. I thought I’d written it up on my iPad which I took on the trip but thinking back now I think they were written up on paper only.

    I also thought I had a video of our sobs piece – I did put together a little compilation (below) but as we were all in the piece we didn’t record it.

    I’m still looking and I will post it if I find it.

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