Luna Display for Mac

If you’ve listened to any tech podcast you’re probably familiar with Luna Display, the little hardware dongle that will turn your iPad in to a secondary display for a Mac.

macOS Catalina has effectively Sherlocked Luna Display with the new Sidecar functionally that does this without the need to add a hardware dongle. Looking to stay one step ahead, Luna Display now supports using another Mac as a secondary display.

First impressions are good – plug in the dongle on the main Mac and install client apps on both computers. It connected over WiFi with no configuration needed and “just works”. Its not perfect, it drops signal occasionally and reconnects, the refresh is a little slow and rapidly scrolling a web page causes some pixellation in Safari. But it does the job well overall and easier than getting a second display for the MacBookPro – no cables needed.

It’ll probably be a feature in MacOS 10.16…

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