Extreme Shark Dive

shark dive

Well that’s another tick on the list.

On Monday I went on a shark dive at Manly. Advertised as an “extreme shark dive”, its an introductory scuba dive in their tank with about half a dozen grey nurse sharks. Not quite as dangerous as it sounds but still a great experience. There were three of us on this dive, a student and a teenager who’d received the dive as a birthday gift. After watching an intro video (whoever edited it thought the theme from Jaws was a great soundtrack) we were kitted out in a wetsuit. Being middle of winter I was glad for that, kept a bit of the chill out!

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Coles Classic 2012

The Coles Classic is now less than 3 weeks away, and again I haven’t done as much training as I’d have liked to. I’m again doing the 1km swim – its a distance I can comfortably do but I would have preferred to have had more practise in the sea. Its a big difference going from a swimming pool to the ocean, and its probably holding me back from doing a longer distance.

Still – I’ve got 2 weekends still so I might take the kids to the beach on Saturday and get some practise in.