A great trip down memory lane with the old Infocom games. I played these on the TI-99/4a and then later the Amiga. I didn’t finish too many of them, but they were a fun challenge.

When the iPad came out, they were all ported to iOS along with the maps, 3D representations of the “feelies” (the physical object related to the game that was packaged with the game) looked very professional, but the move from 32 to 64bit on iOS meant it stopped working.

Fortunately, there are still emulators around to play them for now.

Shabooh Shoobah

Tonight I’m listening to Shabooh Shoobah and I’m transported back to 1983. Songs like Don’t Change and The One Thing invoke such a strong memory of growing up in the 1980s, watching Donny Sutherland’s “Sounds” and listening to the radio – no iPods or even CDs then.

Music is such a powerful memory cue, just listening to certain tracks can evoke a strong emotional response. I can remember the first time I saw the video clip for Original Sin, or Hungry Like the Wolf with a Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off video that I thought was so cool.

I do find however that sometimes my memories play tricks on me, for the longest time I thought the Don’t Change was the intro music to Sounds, looking just now it was Men at Work. Also if I listen to a particular song repeatedly the memories are harder to recall, that recent familiarity seems to overload the memory which I’m trying to grasp like a thread. Sometimes the emotions are strong, like for some reason Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins – memories of being 13 come rushing back. All of the dreams and desires. Powerful stuff.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom – iOS

Exciting adventures await you :-P

Exciting adventures await you !

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

If this sentence ever struck terror into you then like myself, you probably have fond memories of text adventures, or interactive fictions games from the early 1980s and spent many hours plotting maps on grid paper or trying to “hit the troll with the elvish sword”. Well now you can relive those memories with the release of “The Lost Treasures of Infocom” for iOS.

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